Gwynne Johnston

Dr. Gwynne Johnston is President, Metals Technology Consulting, Inc., and retired Vice President, Steel Technology for Tempel Steel Company. Gwynne specializes in steel making practices, alloy development, technology, markets, and applications for electrical steels. He also works extensively with the technology of annealing as applied to laminations used in motors and transformers. He has a broad range of experience in selection and optimization of steel grades for motor and transformer applications and is frequently consulted in situations requiring cost reduction, materials performance evaluation, or welding. He has patents in furnace design and has contributed extensively to the development of semi-processed electrical alloy grades.


• B.Sc(Hons), Ph.D. in Metallurgy
• Post-Doctoral research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (atomization of liquid metals)
• Experience with electric arc furnace production of ferro-chromium
• Integrated steel plant experience with Bethlehem Steel and BHP, specializing in wide slab continuous casting (modeling, research, installation, and operation)
• Technology management of copper and aluminum products (tubes, extrusions, stranded overhead conductor)
• Technology Management of Electrical Steel Laminations for motors and transformers, including alloy design, steel manufacture, high speed stamping, annealing and furnace design, applications engineering (full range of motors, transformers and automotive products including EV/HEV hybrid motors).


• Global finalist (2016) for CWIEME award for “Lifetime Contribution to Growth, Development and Mentoring in the Electrical Industry”.


Recent Publications
• “Electrical Steels at Tempel Steel: Material Grades and Applications, New Developments”. Workshop on Magnetism and Metallurgy, Gwent University, May 2008
• “Properties and Processing of Thin Electrical steels”. Workshop on Magnetism and Metallurgy, Freiberg University, May 2010.
• “Improved Non-Oriented Electrical Steels for Energy Efficient Electrical Machines”, Workshop on Magnetism and Metallurgy. Gwent University, May 2012.
• “Effects of Stress and Strain on properties of Fully Processed Electrical Steels”, Workshop on Magnetism and Metallurgy, Cardiff University, May 2014
• “Fully Processed and Cold Rolled Magnetic Lamination (CRML) Electrical Steels – A comparison of Properties and Applications”, Workshop on Magnetism and Metallurgy, Rome, June 2016


• “Annealing Furnace Purging and Oxidation System and Method”. US Patent
# 7.361,238 B1, April 22, 2008.
• “Improved Annealing Furnace Purging and Oxidation System and Method”, US Patent # 7,435,375 B1, October 14th, 2008.
• “An electrical steel, a motor, and a method for manufacture of an electrical steel with high strength and low electrical losses.” US Patent application # 12/773,042, 05/11/2010


External Interests and Activities
Middle distance running: landscape gardening; Church; wine-making; family and grand-children; a capella singing. Local Village Administration.